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13 February 2011 @ 05:08 pm
12 of 12 February  
Was up early this 12 of 12 to help the Capt' in the boat yard in Berkeley, but I forgot to grab my camera until around noon.  Projects this month were to take out the mast to redo the rigging, pull and fix the rutter and then all of a sudden the Capt wanted to paint the hull. Again.  Good thing I was there to "help."  I was really more of a gopher though. Up the ladder. Down the ladder. In the marine shop. Drive to West Marine. Pick up sandwiches. It was A LOT of hard work!  haha

12:02p - Getting paintbrushes from the galley. 

12:03p - View of the Berkeley marina from the top of the boat.

12:03p - The Capt' is in charge of carrying all things up and down the ladder because I need both hands.  He apparently doesn't need any. Show off.

12:21p - Prepping the boat's hull for painting.  I'd just washed the bottom with acetone. I was totally doing work. For REALS! I just had too many photos and couldn't show you all the pictures of my hard work.

12:34p - The Capt' is always trying to explain boat things to me, but I like to look at him and think about how cute he is instead.

1:10p - Boat yard cat. He walks around like he owns the place, refuses to let anyone touch him and he can climb the boat ladders.  Crazy cat.  We have no idea who he belongs to, he's just always around.

2:06p - Stopped by West Marine (forgot to get a pic) and then finally had time to go grab us lunch.  The Seabreeze is a great roadside stand right down the road from the marina with a small deli and market.  It was a beautiful day and everyone was eating at the picnic tables and soaking up the rare Berkeley marina sun.

2:42p - Our boat yard neighbor Brad putting a fourth coat of varnish on his boat.  Boats are a lot of work!

2:45p - Technically cheating here, but these photos go together.  We were getting the paint cans mixed and the mixer/shaker thing makes the work bench shake too much, so you have to stand or sit on it to keep it from flying all over.  I know I'm smiling in the photo, but I was trying really hard to not get thrown off!

2:50p - Back from the mixer, got a good shot of our other boat yard neighbor, Bain, also working on varnishing Brad's boat.  Good new friends, hope we all keep hanging out after we're done in the boat yard.

4:17p - Another 2-for-1 photo.  After the first coat of paint.  Eeek!

9:07p - After I scrubbed my skin off for an hour, the Capt and I had a nice dinner with my parents, which I forgot to take photos of. Doh!  So you get photos from the very end of our night of me kicking Dave's butt in Gin Rummy.  So fun!

9:07p - Not having fun.  hehe

Happy February everyone!

oops, forgot to link to Chad's Blog. King of twelvers.
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Sunny Quinn ArchibaldSunny Quinn Archibald on February 14th, 2011 03:06 am (UTC)
12 of 12
Oh, you had a field trip, too! I really enjoyed your pictures. It looks as if you had a fun day with the Capt. I'm guessing from the paint on your arm that you used a sprayer? See you next month, and I'll hope for another sunny day for you.
ticklebear4u.com on February 15th, 2011 03:25 am (UTC)
the capt'n and Steph
yeah, yeah! he may be cute, but you might learn something if you'd listen. might come in handy some day... quite a day you've had there! must be a friendly community, those boaters. glad you had fun!!
(Anonymous) on February 20th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
I want sun! (and warm weather!)
Looks like a fun day - even with paint splatters. :)

Thanks for sharing.
- Jill