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For anyone that may still be following this blog...please note that it's not dead, but it is going on a hiatus.  The Capt and I are heading out to sea for an undecided amount of time - when there's WiFi I'll be posting here:

Check it out and follow our adventure!

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Happy Pride!

It's been a long week of activities and I'm on limited brain capacity, so here are some photos to show off my fun Pride Weekend.

Fun times with Anita Cocktail.  We heart her.

Photo booth fun...waiting on the actually shots to show up online...

So glad Gio invited me to check out the Pride Party with him. Good times and well worth the loss of sleep. :-)

Besides Pride, it was also the closing weekend for Ray of Light's production of "Assassins."  Not that I'm biased or anything, but this was such a high-quality, well-done, thoughtful, poignant and fun show.  I'm so proud to be a part of the Ray of Light family.

I believe Gio calls us "The Dream Team."  (Lori, Micah and Nick - we miss you!)
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June 12 of 12. Lazy Days

This month's 12 of 12 was a lazy Sunday for me. No real plans. No real need to get out of the house. Which doesn't really create a very exciting 12, but I did force myself out for a walk, so at least there's proof that the sun has finally decided to come back to the bay area. I was really beginning to think we'd go straight from winter into fall.

Thanks to Chad for this awesome idea - check out his blog for the other twelvers.

9am: Got up early for Church.  Love the floating cross.  I would have tried for a straight-on shot, but I feel weird about taking photos in a sacred place. Especially with other people around.  So this is from my pew.

10:30a: Breakfast of Champions??  Probably not.

12pm: Checking out iTunes for some new tunes. Wanted to create a mix CD to send to my best friend who's overseas with the Airforce.  Remember when you had to wait for the tune you wanted to come on the radio and hurry and click record so you could get it onto your mix tape?  Yay for technology.

3pm-ish: Working on clearing out some stuff that's just gathering dust, like all these books I'll never read again.  I posted the list on FB for anyone that's interested in taking some of them off my hands, otherwise going to donate to the local bookstore.  Lots of chick lit.

3pm-ish:  What I'm keeping.  Either I haven't read the book (Like "Life of Pi"...why can't I get through this book?!?!) or I just can't part with it (like my travel guides or "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." Don't laugh. So good.).

6:15p: Finally outdoors.  Decided to finally take the path through my neighborhood.  I've lived here for coming up on two years and never walked around the lake. The fountain and water are very pretty, but my God, there was so much duck poop.  :-p

6:30p - View up to the main road.

6:35p: View down from the main road.

6:45p: What are these deep purple/dark red trees? I love the red.

7:00p: I knew there was a golf course connected to our community, but I didn't know where it began.  Seriously, I need to explore my surroundings more.  But anyway, I wondered onto the fifth hole (or something like that) and found out where all the ducks hang out.

7:00p - Just playing through!

9pm: oooh, NPH.  Loved the Tonys this year.

Happy June everyone!


Considering my blogging pseudonym means "to sing beautifully," I hardly ever speak of my singing performances and events.  Here's a link to my performance with Blackhawk Jazz (special group within the Blackhawk Chorus) that we performed last month at the Lesher in Walnut Creek.

See here: So Very Fun.   I'm in the front row, second from the right, black skirt, pink top.

(Sorry, can't seem to embed.)
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Hello there. Who is still reading this??  Glad you're here though. 

I actually did a 12 of 12 for April, but I didn't post it  You can view the photos HERE on my Flickr site.  In the meantime, here's one for May.  And check out the rest of the Twelvers at Chad's Blog.

6:45a* - Ready for work.

6:20p - Worked all day and didn't take a break so there was nothing to take pictures of until I finally left at little after 6pm.  I needed to go get my little cousin a birthday present, so I decided to walk through the city to Union Sq to go to the Disney Store.  This building is the old Stock Exchange office building.  It's now an Equinox Gym.

6:25p - Walking up Pine St in the Financial District.  This is the easiest, quickest route up to Nob Hill and down into Pac Heights through to the Avenues.  Just an FYI if you need to get around the City.

6:30p - Almost to Union Square and spotted this gem.

6:35p - One of the entrances to Union Square.  I always thought the "Hearts" program was only supposed to be a short art stint, but I think they've been moved around the City for the years. Maybe longer.  Always nice to happen upon one.

7:20p - Stairs leading down to the Powell BART station.  I was trying to get a cool shot of the bubble walls that line the downtown BART stations.

7:45p - Zoooooooooom

7:45p - I just like these platform signs.

8:15p - Stopping by my friend Cory's place to feed his cat, but the cat was no where to be found.  I figured out that he was freaking out by some beeping going on upstairs.  Stupid smoke detector battery.  Unfortunately, even after I stopped the beeping, the kitty was still no where to be found. Which freaked ME out.  Silly kitty.

8:45p - I FINALLY coaxed him out of hiding and he immediately required some extra brushing/petting. That green mit in my hand is like a brush and Umlaut can't get enough of it. 

8:45p - I basically just have to hold my hand out and the cat does all the work.

8:45p - Umlaut doesn't even need me really. Hello!

Ok, that's all - I have so many things going on and stuff that I have cool pictures from...hopefully will be back here soon. But right now I have to head into Pittsburg for my birthday dinner with my family.  Yay!  Happy May - it's the best month of the year.  :-)

* All times are estimated. Because I erased the photos from my camera before I got their timestamps. Doh!
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What's that in the sky??!!

Oh my God, the sun made an appearance today.  I think we had a full two weeks of consecutive days of rain.  I think I have S.A.D.  Seriously.

BUT, I got off of work early and shunned the gym or a work-out video for a chance to eat dinner outside on a patio.  The sunlight didn't last long, but there was enough for everyone to be out and about in downtown Danville.  I enjoyed a glass of wine and started a new book and even ran into some friends from the Blackhawk Choir.

It was also fun to take my new DO out on the town.



Oy, I look tired.  But it's a cute haircut.  Having a lot of fun showing it off :-)

Here's to MORE sunshine!!!!
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Tidbits from New Orleans

I've never been anywhere like New Orleans before. I can't really explain it. It's a city with history and style and music and people with fierce loyalties to their hometown. It's also a city that still has a lot of pain and sadness from Katrina.  I know I was only there for a couple days but there's so much more to this town than just Bourban Street and the Saints.

It was really good to see Jess.

And I love to explore new cities.

I checked out some local talent

some local culture

a little history

and local traditions.  

There were lots of beads to throw 

And we caught a nice share.

Lots of parade shots and sightseeing shots HERE


Vacation: Florida

I went on vacation last month to see my best friend, Boom in Florida.  It was sort of spur of the moment but MUCH needed as I was about ready to throw my computer out one the office windows.  In the last few frantic days as I finished up work and tried to square things away before I left, Boom would call and tell me to keep breathing, and then she'd send me a photo of the beach. I'm not sure if the beach photos helped me feel better in those moments, but it gave me something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, my little dare-devil bestie had a fight with her dirt bike and had to have surgery on her leg four days before I flew in.  I of course did not mind helping her out when needed and she made sure her injury didn't keep us from the promised beach time

We also checked out some of the sights at her base and also drove into Pensecola to check out the Naval Air Museum

There was also some drinking at a local watering hole called McGuire's

Throughout the years people have signed dollar bills and taped them around the restaurant.  I think there's something like half a million dollars hanging up on the walls.

We walked around...

or in Boom's case, hobbled,

Drove around and goofed around...

And somewhere along the way I started breathing.

This is probably my favorite shot from the trip.  Beautiful beach. Blue sky. Happy clouds. Open road.  So much room to breath. 

Actually...THIS is my favorite shot.  That's a child's medium-sized jumpsuit in the museum gift shop.  hehehehe  Love ya Boom!

After Florida I headed to New Orleans to see Jessica...hopefully I'll have those shots up tomorrow!  More Florida shots HERE
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March 12 of 12

It was a fun-filled Saturday for this month's twelve. I had to go over to the Berkeley Marina to make sure nothing happened with the boat during the tsunami surges the Bay Area got due to the earthquake in Japan.  All was good and I was able to take a quick walk along the shorline to get some shots. Then I headed out to Pittsburg for my little cousin's second birthday party. 

So let's call this month "Boats & Babies"

View from our slip.  While the boat was fine, things had adjusted a bit due to the rapid current.  Was a beautiful day for sailing though - good wind and lots of sunshine.

While checking out the dock lines to make sure everything was secure I noticed that the new pier pilings were already showing signs of corrosion. I like the probably need to click on the picture to see it larger in Flickr to get a better look at it.

View from the Berkeley Yacht Club.  You can see the Berkeley Pier with the Oakland cranes and the San Francisco skyline in the distance.  I loved the way the sky and clouds came out

Two for One cheating shot!  Cool statue at the marina.  This guy is shooting his arrow straight down the pier towards the Golden Gate.  Loved the texture on both shots, so I couldn't decide which one to get both!

Taking I-80 eastbound towards Pittsburg. I love the east bay hills at this time of year - so green and lush.  It was so bright and pretty. 

Emma at the birthday party. It was a Mickey Mouse theme and Emma loves a good theme.

My sister with Emma. She hasn't gotten the hang of catching the ball yet, but she can grab and drop it like a pro!

Caila the birthday girl. She's showing off her new purse.

My aunt and cousin with the birthday girl.

This kid is the cutest. By the way, she said she didn't want cake and then took my plate, which you see here.  Good thing she's so cute.

Costume change!  Time for the Tinker Bell portion of the party.

I had to throw this one in.  After a day of partying, dancing, running, playing and not to mention the inevitable sugar crash, here's evidence of the major meltdown.

Fun times - how was your March?

Please check out Chad's blog for the background on "12 of 12" and to see all the other magnificent twelvers.
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12 of 12 February

Was up early this 12 of 12 to help the Capt' in the boat yard in Berkeley, but I forgot to grab my camera until around noon.  Projects this month were to take out the mast to redo the rigging, pull and fix the rutter and then all of a sudden the Capt wanted to paint the hull. Again.  Good thing I was there to "help."  I was really more of a gopher though. Up the ladder. Down the ladder. In the marine shop. Drive to West Marine. Pick up sandwiches. It was A LOT of hard work!  haha

12:02p - Getting paintbrushes from the galley. 

12:03p - View of the Berkeley marina from the top of the boat.

12:03p - The Capt' is in charge of carrying all things up and down the ladder because I need both hands.  He apparently doesn't need any. Show off.

12:21p - Prepping the boat's hull for painting.  I'd just washed the bottom with acetone. I was totally doing work. For REALS! I just had too many photos and couldn't show you all the pictures of my hard work.

12:34p - The Capt' is always trying to explain boat things to me, but I like to look at him and think about how cute he is instead.

1:10p - Boat yard cat. He walks around like he owns the place, refuses to let anyone touch him and he can climb the boat ladders.  Crazy cat.  We have no idea who he belongs to, he's just always around.

2:06p - Stopped by West Marine (forgot to get a pic) and then finally had time to go grab us lunch.  The Seabreeze is a great roadside stand right down the road from the marina with a small deli and market.  It was a beautiful day and everyone was eating at the picnic tables and soaking up the rare Berkeley marina sun.

2:42p - Our boat yard neighbor Brad putting a fourth coat of varnish on his boat.  Boats are a lot of work!

2:45p - Technically cheating here, but these photos go together.  We were getting the paint cans mixed and the mixer/shaker thing makes the work bench shake too much, so you have to stand or sit on it to keep it from flying all over.  I know I'm smiling in the photo, but I was trying really hard to not get thrown off!

2:50p - Back from the mixer, got a good shot of our other boat yard neighbor, Bain, also working on varnishing Brad's boat.  Good new friends, hope we all keep hanging out after we're done in the boat yard.

4:17p - Another 2-for-1 photo.  After the first coat of paint.  Eeek!

9:07p - After I scrubbed my skin off for an hour, the Capt and I had a nice dinner with my parents, which I forgot to take photos of. Doh!  So you get photos from the very end of our night of me kicking Dave's butt in Gin Rummy.  So fun!

9:07p - Not having fun.  hehe

Happy February everyone!

oops, forgot to link to Chad's Blog. King of twelvers.