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June 12 of 12. Lazy Days

This month's 12 of 12 was a lazy Sunday for me. No real plans. No real need to get out of the house. Which doesn't really create a very exciting 12, but I did force myself out for a walk, so at least there's proof that the sun has finally decided to come back to the bay area. I was really beginning to think we'd go straight from winter into fall.

Thanks to Chad for this awesome idea - check out his blog for the other twelvers.

9am: Got up early for Church.  Love the floating cross.  I would have tried for a straight-on shot, but I feel weird about taking photos in a sacred place. Especially with other people around.  So this is from my pew.

10:30a: Breakfast of Champions??  Probably not.

12pm: Checking out iTunes for some new tunes. Wanted to create a mix CD to send to my best friend who's overseas with the Airforce.  Remember when you had to wait for the tune you wanted to come on the radio and hurry and click record so you could get it onto your mix tape?  Yay for technology.

3pm-ish: Working on clearing out some stuff that's just gathering dust, like all these books I'll never read again.  I posted the list on FB for anyone that's interested in taking some of them off my hands, otherwise going to donate to the local bookstore.  Lots of chick lit.

3pm-ish:  What I'm keeping.  Either I haven't read the book (Like "Life of Pi"...why can't I get through this book?!?!) or I just can't part with it (like my travel guides or "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." Don't laugh. So good.).

6:15p: Finally outdoors.  Decided to finally take the path through my neighborhood.  I've lived here for coming up on two years and never walked around the lake. The fountain and water are very pretty, but my God, there was so much duck poop.  :-p

6:30p - View up to the main road.

6:35p: View down from the main road.

6:45p: What are these deep purple/dark red trees? I love the red.

7:00p: I knew there was a golf course connected to our community, but I didn't know where it began.  Seriously, I need to explore my surroundings more.  But anyway, I wondered onto the fifth hole (or something like that) and found out where all the ducks hang out.

7:00p - Just playing through!

9pm: oooh, NPH.  Loved the Tonys this year.

Happy June everyone!
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