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Where's Steph?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

14 May 1981
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Can I write? I guess we'll find out. I used to write a lot of journals (the old-school paper kind) while I was in high school and sporadically in college, but the busier I got the less I wrote. But I remember how I loved to just write, no holding back, just complete abandonment, just whatever random thought was on my mind...it was, fun, for lack of a better word. I guess this will also help my vocabulary.
I guess this doesn't tell you too much about myself, but I suppose if you read my journal, then you'll get a better idea. But for those of you who are annoyed and just want my 411, here's the basics: Female, 27, Taurus, San Francisco escapee now living in San Ramon (East Bay native), sports fan, music novice, theatre nerd, all around dork, Italian, German, youngest, easily amused, curious, loves to laugh.
Enjoy! :-)